We are a team of experts

in the fields of  public relations 

and  communication coaching. 

Dr. Manfred Aigner 

Expert for Dissemination and Collaborative Research Projects


Manfred was a researcher at TU Graz. As a scientist he initiated and coordinated research projects and was also responsible for the projects' dissemination and communication aspects. Currently, Manfred is business coach, works as a consultant for dissemination, acts as an evaluator and reviewer for the EC, lectures at the University College of Teacher Education Styria, and is a executive officer of Yagoba GmbH.


www.dissemination.at | manfred@dissemination.at  | +43 650 831 64 00

Josef Lackner, BSc 

Expert for Team-Development and Communication Skills


Josef started his professional career as a trainer and coach back in 2001. Since then, he has been giving seminars and workshops, mainly for teams in industry and academy. In addition, he worked on topics like social learning and teaching methods at the Department of Psychology at the University of Graz. Josef is an expert for team-development and communication skills, offering much experience in enabling teams to fully exhaust their potential.


 www.joseflackner.at | office@joseflackner.at | +43 650 326 81 70 

Mag. Robert Lecker 

Expert for Marketing and Public Relations


Robert is a Marketing & PR manager based in Graz. His core tasks are strategic consulting and project lead for (online) marketing and public relations campaigns. He teaches at various universities and private education institutions and gives practical training for marketing professionals and management staff.


www.robertlecker.at | hello@robertlecker.at| +43 660 213 62 66  



"The intense and customized preparation of the 'Communicate Science!' workshop proved useful to meet the project- and institution-specific needs of all partners. The coaches were able to offer a good balance of inputs on communication topics, hands-on exercises, and team development. Moreover, the flexible implementation of the workshop allowed for addressing upcoming questions and challenges on the spot. Overall, the trainers were not only able to convey central contents, but also to bring up and address crucial aspects concerning teamwork and to create a pleasant learning atmosphere. "


Michaela Hochmuth & Richard Bärnthaler, 

Universty of Vienna

„The workshop gave me, as project manager, many impulses. I generally consider external project communication, aimed at the public but also at the European Union or at funding agencies, to be very important."


Martin Smolka,

Pessl Instruments

„It was very interesting to hear external experts give a presentation about communication for publicly funded projects. This opened up new perspectives and provided valuable starting points for daily practice."


Andrea Kindler,


„The coaches conveyed the contents clearly and provided a good overview of a great variety of relevant communication topics - from team communication over PR to social media."



Selma Mautner, 

Meduni Graz